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Lake Manyara National Park.

Lake Manyara National Park is home to tree-climbing lions.

Compact and pretty, come to Manyara for a safari in a microcosm and excellent birding too.

About Lake Manyara National Park:

At 325 square kilometres, Manyara National Park is certainly small by Tanzanian standards, but don’t let that put you off. It is, quite simply, stunning. Bordered by the dramatic Rift Valley escarpment, the rest of the park is a pretty medley of grassy floodplains, enchanting evergreen forest, acacia woodland, and twinkling groundwater springs. Then there’s the piece de resistance, Lake Manyara, a glittering and iridescent alkaline pool that expands and contracts with the seasons. And it’s here that the iconic population of flamingos can be found, filling the sky with clouds of pink, an extraordinary spectacle that’s not to be missed.

  • Game drive

This is the main activity, along with a network of well-maintained roads, offering close viewing of animals, and the opening plains offer great views of the Great Rift Valley and birds soaring along the escarpment.

  • Hiking and guided walks

A walking safari thru the park is another great way to explore these little gems, and hiking to Marang forest is led by a well-trained guide and armed park rangers.

  • Nite game safari:

Manyara and Tarangire are the only national parks on the northern circuit where you can experience the African bush, nite sky, bush sounds and a glass of wine while stargazing under clear skies. Led by well-trained trackers, the bush will be all yours.

  • Canoeing

Depending on the level of the water, this is another way to explore the park’s shallow alkaline lake and get close to the flamingos.

  • Accommodation

There is one luxury lodge in the park and one tented camp in the park, while the rest of the accommodation options are outside the park, including many on the edge of the Great Rift Valley with wonderful views across the floor of the valley and the Maasai steppe.

Getting there
  • Air

There is a small airstrip at Manyara on the edge of the Great Rift that operates daily scheduled flights throughout the year.

  • Road

A good tarmac road runs down from Arusha and links Manyara, Tarangire, Ngorongoro, and places far afield to Serengeti National Park. A drive from Arusha to Manyara is approximately a 2-hour drive.

Safari ideas

Manyara fits well into numerous northern circuit itineraries, but of special interest are guests who scenery. keen on birding and scenery. They should give at least two days or a full day in the park.

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