Ngorongoro Crater.

"The Cradle of Humankind"

The jewel in Tanzania’s crown is where the Big Five roam free and there’s an animal around every corner.

About Ngorongoro Crater.

Wildlife wonderlands don’t get much better than the Ngorongoro Crater, possibly one of the most iconic animal-viewing areas in the world.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site (and for very good reason), the cavernous bowl-shaped crater is in fact a caldera, formed two to three million years ago when a large volcano exploded and collapsed in on itself.

Today, the flat floor is covered in nutritious grass and home to an unprecedented number of black rhinos, as well as black-maned lions, magnificent tuskers, and smaller plains game, but surprisingly, no giraffe.

We’ll leave you to ponder why when you visit!

Why you’ll love it.

If ever there was an area that ticked all the safari boxes, it would be the Ngorongoro Crater. Fabulous Big Five sightings, thrilling wildlife action, iconic animals, extraordinary landscapes, excellent guides, and world-famous lodges—the list goes on. Just be prepared to share the excitement with other safarigoers.

Off the beaten track

Explore the dramatic Crater Highlands, a series of active (ish!) volcanoes surrounding the crater itself, where time seems to have stood still. Hike to lakes pink with flamingos, or mingle with the local Masai.

Something to think about

Several of the lodges that line the Ngorongoro Crater’s rim are large and perhaps not quite as personal as others in Tanzania. If you like your camps small, intimate, and authentic, let us know and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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