Experience the Tribes of Tanzania

The opportunity to see the Big Five and experience the Wildebeest Migration may be what draws many to Tanzania, but interacting with the tribes of Tanzania will leave a lasting impression.
From the iconic Maasai to lesser-known tribes like the Datoga and Chaga, Tanzania has a rich cultural tapestry to explore.

Whether you're looking to add to your trip and build an entire trip around meeting the people of Tanzania, Indefinite Trips Tanzania has you covered!

Maasai Boma Visit.

A visit to one of the many Maasai bomas that dot Ngorongoro is the easiest and cheapest way to interact with the famous Maasai people.
While the Maasai people are not allowed to live within national parks, Ngorongoro Conservation Area allows these semi-nomadic people to continue living their lives as they always have.

Visits to authentic Maasai villages are not easy to arrange, but these tourist-focused bomas offer visitors a chance to explore a village, see traditional dance, and even pick up a few souvenirs.
The perfect stop on your way to or from the Serengeti, a Maasai boma visit is especially fun for kids who might be feeling cooped up on the long drive!

Note: As this is a tourist-focused activity, it is not recommended for those craving an authentic cultural experience.

Africa Amini Maasai Lodge

We've waxed lyrical about the fantastic Africa Amini Maasai Lodge in the past. No other property in Tanzania manages to better balance authenticity and accessibility than this charitably-minded property.
Africa Amini gives guests a chance to spend a night in a luxurious Maasai boma and participate in Maasai-led activities such as spear throwing, guided nature walks, and more.

There's even a transcendent sunset song and dance performance that's not to be missed!
For those wanting to further immerse themselves in Tanzanian culture, tours to the schools, hospitals, and clinics Africa Amini funds can also be arranged.

Lake Eyasi Hadzabe Experience

One of our most popular cultural experiences is the Lake Eyasi Hadzabe experience.
These fascinating hunter-gatherers still live their lives much as they always have, defying Tanzania's rapid modernization in a way that is utterly fascinating to behold.

The opportunity to join the men of the Hadzabe tribe for a morning hunt before touring their village with the aid of a Datoga guide is a truly unique cultural experience, and one of our most popular add-ons.

Combine your day at Lake Eyasi with a night at Africa Amini and you've got a jam-packed day of cultural discovery!

Interested in a Big Five safari featuring the Lake Eyasi experience and Africa Amini? Our six-day Culture & Wildlife Safari is perfect.

Marangu Village Tour


The Chaga tribe may not be one of Tanzania's best-known, but their culture is nonetheless interesting to uncover. Their history of building intricate tunnel systems in which to shelter during Maasai raids is fascinating, and a chance to tour these pitch-black tunnels would be worth the trip to Moshi on its own.

Thankfully for you, our one-day Marangu tour features more than just these tunnels - with a picturesque waterfall, organic coffee plantation tour, local lunch, and banana beer sampling also included in your day trip.

Tribes of Tanzania Safari

In light of the recent demand for more cultural safaris, we have launched a five-day Tribes of Tanzania safari that is focused on immersing you in the local culture.
The itinerary includes the Marangu village tour, Lake Eyasi Hadzabe experience, and Africa Amini Maasai experience, but also features several additional cultural experiences including:

  • Mto Wa Mbu walking or cycling tour:   Explore a bustling market town where locals meet to sell and buy goods. Optional add-ons include a local lunch or a visit to nearby Lake Manyara National Park.

  • Iraqw Visit:  Interact with the Iraqw people who also call the Lake Eyasi region home.

  • Maasai community visit:  Overnight at Shadows of Africa's Ol Masera Lodge and spend time with the local Maasai community.


For people enchanted by the tribes of Tanzania, this is the ultimate five-day cultural safari.

Ngorongoro Highlands Trekking

For the more adventurous, Indefinite Trips Tanzania offers a seven-day Ngorongoro Highlands trek that truly immerses you in the local culture.
Accompanied by a Maasai guide and overnighting in villages from the tourist trail, this intense seven-day hike gets you well and truly off the beaten path.

Your trip also includes a chance to enjoy a Ngorongoro Crater game drive!

Note: Indefinite Trips Tanzania offers a flexible cancellation policy. Should you not be able to travel as scheduled, we’d be happy to help you alter your booking to the prior date.


Good things come in small packages! A short safari in Tanzania is a great way to explore this beautiful African country.

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