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Zanzibar Island.

a classic Zanzibar Island Holiday getaway Flaming sunsets, sandy beaches, and luxe hotels are easily accessible.

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About Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is a melting pot of cultures and traditions.

A traditional trading point on the East African spice route, the island is famous for its vast spice farms and beautiful azure beaches. Stone Town is a bustling and unique little town with thin, cobbled streets and thousands of vendors selling everything from fabrics to tasty food. Many pristine islands are surrounding Zanzibar if you are looking to disappear completely, and day trips to the bigger island of Pemba are a must.

A combination of African, Arabic, and eastern influences makes Zanzibar a real cultural treasure. We just love it.

Why, you’ll love it.

If you believe a holiday isn’t a holiday without some Vitamin D and a dose of warm turquoise water, add Zanzibar to your safari. It’s incredibly easy to get to, stunningly beautiful, and even if the term “sunbathing” sends a chill down your spine, there’s plenty to do.

Off the beaten track.

The traditional wooden dhows, or sailing boats, billowing across the ocean are a common sight in Zanzibar. But don’t just watch them – hire one for the day, complete with its local crew, and discover the hidden corners of the island on your terms.

Something to think about.

Tourism in Zanzibar has escalated in recent years, and some of the hotels have lost their local flavour and personal touch. Do a little research to make sure you don’t end up with a cold dinner buffet and an overcrowded swimming pool – or just book with us!!

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